Neurofeedback FAQ

Below you will find a collection of commonly asked questions about my services and neurofeedback. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is simply a way to train your brain. Neurofeedback uses information from an electroencephalogram (EEG) and a computer. The goal is to return the brain to a state of whole system homoeostasis or balance of activity.

Neurofeedback Training enables the individual to modify ineffective patterns, changing the brain's electrical activity for more optimal functioning. Training involves auditory or visual feedback to provide real-time progress and information back to the brain. Your brain uses this information to become more efficient. 

Who does Neurofeedback help?

Neurofeedback helps everyone!
Whether you just need a little boost to your attention and focus or are suffering from problems such as migraines neurofeedback can help you.  Experience the benefits of resilience to stress, improved sleep and mental clarity. Neurofeedback can also provide relief from symptoms related to many conditions such as Migraines, ADHD and Depression.

What is a Neurofeedback session like?

The sessions will take place in a quiet and comfortable space. You can relax, read, or even take a nap during the session and the computer and your brain will do the work in the background.  The appointment will take about 1.5 hours total with the NeurOptimal® program training your brain for 30 minutes. 

I will attach special sensors to your head that will measure your brain’s electrical activity. The feedback your brain receives from the computer is all audio or visual feedback. As the session starts, you will hear music play though headphones or speakers. You will begin to hear “skips” or interruptions in the music – this is the feedback signal created by computer that prompts your brain to “reset” and optimize itself.

Your brain will do all the work for you while you relax and enjoy the music and free time. At the end of a session, you will likely feel less stressed and have more mental clarity and focus. Many users experience deeper sleep and improved well-being after their first session.

Why should I use Neurofeedback?


Many of my clients have used neurofeedback to address the negative effects arising from depression, anxiety, PTSD, autism, sleep disorders, and other complaints. The FDA has even approved neurofeedback as effective for stress reduction and ADHD.



Neurofeedback encourages an overall positive mental outlook and a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection. For those looking to enhance their daily health and wellness, neurofeedback training can be an excellent supplement to a healthy diet and exercise routine.


Along with healthy lifestyle choices, Neurofeedback can be a powerful tool to mediate cognitive decline that naturally occurs as we age. Just as physical exercise benefits the body, brain training keeps the brain fit and resilient. Neurofeedback can help improve memory, recall and increase overall cognitive dexterity in older individuals.​


Because neurofeedback training enhances concentration and mental focus, students use training as a critical tool to improve their performance in school.  Neurofeedback is 100% drug-free and has low risk of side effects.

How can I start working with you?

I am available for virtual coaching appointments and will travel to your home in the Okanagan area to provide in person Neurofeedback appointments.

If you want to work with me I would recommend booking a Free 15 Minute phone Consultation to discuss how I can help. to discuss what kind of help you are looking for. There is an online booking tab above.  You must make a Jane account to book and you should get an email confirmation once it is completed. 

If you would like more information before booking you can also contact me via email or phone. Hit the get in touch button above!