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Brain Myths

Your brain can’t make new neurons as you age.

This is kind of true but also False!!! Aging brains do have neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb and hippocampus all throughout life, however many other parts of the brain do not grow new neurons.

If you damage your brain you can’t ever recover it.

This is False but can be true in extreme cases.

Your brain can change and repair over time even without neurogenesis, it can find ways around the damage. However continuously or very severely damaging your brain will make it harder and harder to recover.

People are right brain or left brain dominant.

The truth is most people use both sides of their brain. Most people do not have a dominant side but sometimes we engage one side more then another for certain tasks and can even switch for efficiency.

The brain only uses chemicals to communicate important information within itself.

Your brain uses both electric and chemical energy to communicate important information. In fact electrical information is communicated through the brain much quicker then chemical info. Again not one or the other but both are used to run your brain.

Genetics determine intelligence and predict mental health issues in the brain.

It is not genes or the environment, instead it is genes and the environment. It’s not nature vs nurture its always been both. We need both good genetics and a good environment to be successful. Nature needs nurture to thrive.

Starting to sound familiar? What about light is not a particle or a wave it’s both.

This seems to be a common theme in life and the universe. So I challenge you to start thinking more about how it’s not just this or that, but maybe always both somehow.

I like to think only having 2 options in life is near impossible because you could also choose to do both of the options or neither of those options giving you 4 total options to choose from. Remember this when you feel stuck, it can help to consider things from other angles.

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