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Ways to Promote Self Care

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Self care is very important but often neglected.

It is a useful tool to cope with stress and prevent people from burnout.

Often we are so busy doing too many other things for other people that we push our own needs aside until it is too late.

We need to do some pro-active maintenance on ourselves. Make time in your schedule just for yourself, block off at least 1 hour, twice per week for self care.

Examples of Self Care can include:

- Have a bath/shower

- Go for a walk/exercise

- Make/eat some food

- Play a game

- Do something just for the fun of it

- Make art

- Read a book

- Have a nap

- Time away from devices

- Time alone

Most of the time we need to slow down and not think so much.

Stop, breath and just be for a few minutes. You deserve time by yourself for yourself.

Sometimes we can't do it all ourselves and everyone deserves to be heard and helped. If you are struggling with coping or stress and need help do not wait until it is too late. A coach or therapist can help you find ways that work best for you to deal with stress. There are also many other techniques and options to explore that can promote self care including yoga, nutrition, neurofeedback, and mediation.

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