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Get Grounded

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

When most people hear get grounded, most people think connect to the earth and get centered. Which is only part right. I also mean electrically grounded by directly touching the earth.

We ground our TVs so that we get a good signal and a clear picture. We also ground power lines and other devices to prevent surges and decreases danger of fires. It is also extremely important in work safety environments. Scientifically a ground is usually described as an infinite sink which can absorb an unlimited amount of current without changing charge itself. The natural earth is the best example of this.

We as humans use electricity in our bodies all day long and we absorb electricity from all our electrical devices too. All this extra electricity can lead to issues and needs to be dispelled. Excess electricity can cause inflammation and over stimulation. The best way to expel the electricity is by grounding or directly touching the earth. The earth can and will absorb large amounts of electricity immediately and automatically if you are touching it and not insulated from it.

Unfortunately your shoes will insulate you from the ground so even on a walk outside you are often not grounding. You need bare feet or bare hands on the earth directly, the longer and more often the better. We do not spend very much time in our lives now actually grounded unless you work with the earth, like as a landscaper. The most grounded people I know are all tree planters or gardeners.

I live in an apartment and do not work outside so I need to actively try to get grounded because it does not happen naturally for me, especially in the winter. You can place your hand on a living tree if it is too snowy and cold to go barefoot. The tree is grounded so it will ground you too. Forests and beaches are often very grounding location as they neutralize electricity into the earth naturally.

There also seems to be a new movement called earthing that is centered around this idea and they even market grounding mats and bedsheets for inside your home.

So maybe think about ditching your shoes and going for a walk in your yard or at a park or a beach. Gardening or yoga barefoot in the grass are great ways to accomplish this. More easily said then done in the Canadian winter though!

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